by Lloyd Miller


The definition of the word community takes on different meanings depending on your upbringing and experience. While we use that word freely it is to specifically point to a nucleus of families and individuals who in our case have committed to walk together to carry forth a common vision.

We have discovered over the years the many broken church/communities who began well, and for one reason or another left a wake of carnage when their ideal world fell apart. This is no judgment since we too experienced the falling apart or the disintegration of an otherwise healthy functioning body. Jesus said to the church in Sardis “you have a name that you are alive, but are dead” This is a jolting, most unbelievable statement from the King of Kings Himself. Numerous families have come through our camp who have gotten burned by a community hence want nothing to do with it. This is unfortunate since it is one of the things that a disenfranchised society is looking for.

To further clarify the word community it will be necessary to step back and discover one of the critical building blocks of community. One reason the church has had so little affect on society in general is not that we don’t have a saving gospel but there is no family at the core and no community in the heart. It is easier to have a church than a Kingdom family/community. To overcome the incredible odds stacked against a family and the ecclesia under the direction of the Holy Spirit keeps multitudes from apprehending the sweet spot. The Kingdom of God has giants that must be faced and taken down or they will take you down. (A religion without power or without spiritual warfare is already down.)We are no match for the foe without the weapon of repentance and humility. Until we love not our lives unto death there cannot be a testimony, nor will there be a world changing community to demonstrate the Father’s heart in the earth. The death of the testator brings forth the testimony. Since Jesus died once for all we do not need to die in a literal sense. But die we must; cruel, brutal, crushing, crucifying death to the old nature. We often experience it from those closest to us. Until we do there is still room for us to get grounded on the Rock, Jesus Christ.

Realizing this does not sound like something you would want to pursue let me assure you that no matter what you walk in, if we are going to follow Jesus to become His disciple all the way to becoming the Bride of Christ we know no other way than the way of the cross. Those who are being exercised thereby become a fragrance worthy of His Name. This lifts up Jesus and draws others to Him. The apostle Paul said to some he is the savor of life and to others the savor of death. And so it is: some love you and some hate you. Playing it safe has seemed to work for a long time. But time is running out. In this decade we will see entire movements and denominations network to become a family rather than stay an individual church. Sometimes our escape to safer greener pastures brings leanness of soul. Sometimes we have no options and are forced to go. Often the redemptive journey seems contrary to our mind and we stay on safe shores. The Holy Spirit also needs a safe place to show up, but is often not showing up when we play it safe. Our need draws on grace. That’s community life. The price of redemption was extremely high for the Lord but for some reason it has escaped our understanding that we aught also to walk even as He walked1 John 2:6

So community to us does not mean a regional society of all walks of like. Our reference is a specific group of people who in our case not only worship together but work and recreate together. Unlike colonizing we each have our own dwellings and jobs or businesses. A Church/community operated school with home grown teachers. We carry over a grandfathered blessing of having our own school sanctioned by the government. Our children are free to pursue as much education as they and the parents desire but there is no requirement for us to go beyond 8 grades. The historical purpose behind this is to allow the child to learn at home by doing. This is written in the records of the court proceedings when Amish men went to jail for not sending their children on a school bus in the late 50’s. While specific academics are critical for certain careers we encourage learning life skill sets at an early age to better equip them for the real world. This has proved invaluable in the success of raising solid families when the children learn with real life experiences.

Family is the priority since we believe it carries the highest rate of return when it comes to discipling. Jesus said go and disciple all nations…..He did not say go into all the world and build communities. Yet that is what disciples produce however small. When we disciple our children and others it enhances family and builds community. Though it is often hard because we make it about us. When community is about God it becomes impossible. Kingdom community does not exist without God. When He becomes the God of the impossible then the journey is about Him. From that place we begin to see the miracles and the wonders of His mighty working. There unbelievers get a revelation of the God of the universe and identify with the God of the bible.

About the author 

Lloyd Miller

Lloyd Miller resides near Libby, Montana, where he serves as a pastor and leader in the Eagle Valley Church community. As a spiritual father, his passion is to equip this generation to fulfill their calling.

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